Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2 APP time

Hi boys and girls!  Lily Moon here and I want to share with you a couple of my favorite apps.  If you have an iPod or iPhone or even an iPad, then let me introduce you to:
Toca Boca Kitchen

Don't be fooled by kiddish looks, it's actually quite entertaining!  How you play is you pick a customer first (there are 4 different characters), then you pick a food item from the fridge, next you can decide how to prepare your food and finally, you feed it to your customer.  Sometime they'll eat it, sometimes they give you a funny look!

Choose your character.
Prepare the food.
You can get this app here.   I give this a 4 star rating!
The next app I want to share with you is Toca Boca Hair Salon.

I think this one is my favorite of the two!
Here are some of my hairstyles:

Funny huh?!
Get the app here.  I give this app 5 stars!!
The cool thing about this app is that it's free!  If you don't have your own iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you can always ask your parents to put this app on theirs!
Bye for now!


  1. hello i am a Filipina too--i love your blog :) it looks fun and bubbly i am a follower now

    1. Hi Ellen Joy! It's so nice to meet you and thank you for following! :) You have a lovely blog too!!!


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