Friday, January 11, 2013

18 getting back into the groove of things, but first...

The holidays was a mix bag... happiness and sorrow... restlessness and peace...
Although I'm sad the magic is over, I'm also glad to put it behind and look forward to what 2013 will bring. Before we move forward, I wanna share with you my mug project.
Remember? Let's start with a refresher...
Mug #1.
This one started it all...
Post HERE.

Mugs #2 & 3.
My nephew and niece.
Post HERE.
So after MANY late nights and asking myself what ever possessed me to do this, I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel...
19 mugs in total (Mr.'s mug was in the dish rack).
As I sit here looking at the pics I can't believe I did it. *chuckle* Now I do see the light, but I'm not out of the tunnel... yet.
I still have three more mugs to complete, plus mug #2 (my beloved nephew) accidentally dropped his in excitement. So actually that makes 4 more. *eyes rolling back*
Despite the cursing and loosing my eyesight, I actually enjoyed creating each one. Each mug was an opportunity for me to reflect and be thankful for having them in my life. 
So bare with me as I slowly get back into the groove of things. As if the busyness of the holidays wasn't enough, I threw out my back in the process while baking 14 red velvet cakes... yes... 14. Nothing is ever done in small quantities in this family. 

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