Monday, April 29, 2013

10 Portrait Plates: My Girls

I'm stepping away from the sewing machine for a sec to show you a little something I made for my girls.
It all started here, with Lala. I gave her a ceramic plate to paint, a plate for special treats and  for her to use on her birthdays to come. So when she was done painting I thought it would be nice to add her hand print, name and age. It looked cute! After all she did paint it herself and her tiny little hand is forever captured on the plate, but like most of my projects, it just needs one more little thing...
Just like the portrait mugs I made as gifts last Christmas (post HERE), I thought it would be fun to add her face.
It's finished and it pleases me.

It pleased me so that I did one for the older girls. After seeing all three together and how precious they are to me, I'm having second thoughts of letting them use it. That's what everyday dinner plates are for, or better yet... Dixie paper plates, right?!

P.S., I got another portrait mug to show you... my first custom order! Yup, I'm thinkin' of taking orders, but we'll talk more later...

Friday, April 26, 2013

21 KCW: Nerd

Happy Friday!
We've made it through the week and I'm just giddy to show you my last outfit for KCW.
This outfit makes me smile.
The shirt is from Old Navy and the glasses are old 3D glasses that we kept from watching Avatar in theatres years back (I know, I should've returned them... bad mama!). I just popped out the lenses and voila! Instant nerd.
The skirt is from Sweet Girls Clothes, pattern O. The fabric is a lightweight stretch denim in dark grey I found in the LA Fabric District.
I was perplexed at first at how the pattern pieces were to be laid out on the fabric. The grain line on a few pieces are slightly angled. It wasn't until I started sewing that I had my "Aha" moment. It was really easy and it took well under an hour to finish.
Now an outfit just isn't complete until you accessorize! If I did just the shirt and skirt, it would be just a shirt and skirt, but when you add suspenders, a tie and glasses... 
It's speakin' a whole new language!
Now I would've much preferred using elastic for the suspenders, but I didn't have any nice elastic and I wanted to match the tie. Luckily, the fabric had just enough stretch to make it work. Speaking of tie... it's a necklace! So girly-I love it!
I must give props to Heidi from Elegance and Elephants for inspiring me to make suspenders. It was this POST that made me do it. Thanks Heidi!
And there you have it! My last outfit for the sew along. I had a few other projects lined up, but didn't quite make it in the time frame I had hoped.
C'est la vie!
But don't fret my pretties, you'll soon see them in due time. For now, I'm off to get ready for a date with Mr., tonight. We're going to a dinner murder mystery! I'll fill you in later.
Before I go, I'd like to thank the wonderful and talented Meg and Dorie for hosting such a fun sew along. You ladies are beyond amazing!!!
I must go and channel my inner thespian.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

18 KCW: Sea Girl

Ahoy mateys!
I managed to finish project #2 yesterday and oh how it makes my sea-farin' heart aflutter!
The harem-sareouls-MCHammer pants is my own pattern (post HERE).  I plan to eventually have a tutorial on the pants once things settle down, so please come back and check it out. One thing I forgot to mention in my post about these pants, is Sophie from Cirque Du Bebe. She was the one who actually planted the seed of these uber cool bottoms in my head. Hers is designed from knit fabric and can I just say...
You must check it out!
Look at this yummy fabric. Delicious, no?
It's Robert Kaufman Brussels Washer, Yarn Dyed Linen/Rayon (Phew! whatta mouthful) in red. I got it on my weekend trip to Cambria where I had the opportunity to pop in at Birch Fabrics Shop (aka: Fabricworm). It was awesome. I tell ya more later!
Back to the pants. I love big pockets and I mean LOOOVE. Especially with kids because they always seem to put them to good use. Dirt, rocks, mushy string cheese from lunch... you name it, it's in there. Adults... it's mostly aesthetics.
The shirt was quick and easy.
I just added silver buttons (the ones that are used for overalls) and made flaps from leftover fabric for the shoulders. On the chest, I created a granny knot with leftover rope and sewed it on. Easy-peasy!
Overall time spent on this project was about 3 hours. 
Hmmm... not too shabby.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

38 KCW: Cat's Meow T

How's your sewing coming along? I see you managed to pry yourself away from the sewing machine and do a little blog hoppin'.
May I interest you in a little inspiration?
Here's project #1. I've had this idea dancing in my head for the past two weeks. First it was bear, then a rabbit and finally decided on a kitty. If you can see, I did a lace cut-out on the thought bubble. The technique was a lot easier than I anticipated. I just had to make sure to not make the bubble too big as it may dip down and expose unmentionables. Not that it's that big of a deal (at least not for me), but I don't want to offend anyone. Oh gosh no!
And look... look at the kitty...
See? It's a pocket!
My inspiration?
via Bikbik and Roro

Isn't this the cutest bag ever? Jan from Bikbik and Roro has the cutest stuff. I adore her tabby cat totes. If you haven't seen her works, you must pay a visit. Her shop is HERE and her wonderful blog is over HERE.
The pattern I used is from this lovely book.
Pattern H.
You can find the book HERE.
To make things easy, I painted the face versus hand stitching or appliqué. I already spent more time on this project than I wanted to.
So one project down and on to the next!

P.S., Does sewing for a teenager count on KCW? Anyone know?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

4 Covert Robin Part 2... to receive

               the covert robin button
I love pressies! Who doesn't?!
Mine arrived the other day and I was so excited. Liz from Fern's Frocks was my Covert Robin and look at her fabulous (NOT 1, but 2) gifts for moi.
*jumping and clapping*
Such a beautiful pillow, no?
Look closer...
Liz hand embroidered parts of the fabric. It's details like this when a person puts the time and love that speaks volumes. You can tell a lot from a person who even in the smallest gesture gives beyond what is expected. I love it Liz...
I truly do.
Lala literally took the pillow out of my hands and claimed it hers. She's a textural kinda girl and this is spot on.
As for gift #2, Liz painted a sweet little owl. Isn't he adorbs?!
She too has an affinity  for owls and she actually painted this along with a few others a while back knowing that one day, it was going to be a gift for someone...
Funny how the universe works.
I introduced him to the others. First it was Earl...
then Yuki...
then Cookie (Cookie thought he was so tiny, she wanted to swallow him up). Before she could grab him, I quickly scooped him up an took him to meet the rest of the gang.
They were all fascinated and very welcoming.
Little owl was a bit overwhelmed and needed rest, after all he travelled quite a ways.
So I found him a nice quiet spot just for him, but he's not entirely alone...
He's got a friend in higher places!
What a fun experience this has been. I met two wonderful women and gained two new friends. Thank you Mary Ann for allowing me to give and thank you Liz for allowing me to receive.
Until the next Covert Robin...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

6 Covert Robin Part 1... to give

              the covert robin button
I missed last year's Covert Robin and I most certainly did not want to miss this year's.
Mary Ann was my recipient. I'm not gonna lie, it was a challenge. Mary Ann doesn't have a blog and I don't think she has a Pinterest account either. So stalking was not an option.
I was stumped.
So I thunk... and I thunk some more...
Well she has to be crafty, after all she is participating in the swap. Then it hit me...
Why not a pincushion? EVERY crafty mama needs a pincushion!
 It has been a while since I made my last pincushion and I forgot how fun it was to make them.
In my stash of ceramic bowls, I found my last two-portion dish. I love the scallop detail and the soft aqua color.
What better to compliment the dish than with Tula Pink's Neptune's Caspian Deep Sea collection for Moda? I literary had just enough scrap to make this.
No room for error.
*sweaty armpits*
Sorry... TMI, I know.
As I held the ball of stuffing, it came to me, "Why not add an anchor?".
And did I stop there? Oh no.
I had to add coral. What's a sea without coral?!
Now it's finished.
The coral could be a little message/photo holder or it could even a place to hang your ring(s)on, y'know... whenever you do your hardcore crafting and don't want to ruin your bling.
And here it is, happily resting in its new home and helping Mary Ann in her crafting adventures. This was a fun exchange. It turns out that Mary Ann has three daughters of her own. They're all grown up and her favorite people to hang out with. I asked for any advice she could share with me and she said, "The things that drive you wild in your kids, may serve them quite well as adults".
Makes perfect sense.
I'm so happy I was your Covert Robin, Mary Ann and I can't wait for the next Covert Robin!
Special thanks to Rachael, Kelley and Karen for hosting the exchange!

p.s., I'll be back to share with you my pressie from my Covert Robin, Liz. Oh I'm so excited!!! Come back and check it out!

Monday, April 8, 2013

17 The Staple Dress

Finding dresses that fit properly and flatter (NOT fatter) my figure is challenging. Tailored dresses are the most ideal, but man-oh-man... they're not always comfortable, especially when I'm running around after a toddler. I envy gals who can wear flowy dresses. So when I came across Go Make Shit Blog via Rachael at Imagine Gnats, and their first sewing challenge using The Staple Dress by April Rhodes, I thought I'd give it a go!
And I'm so glad I did.
I used a lightweight sweater knit fabric I purchased from one of my romps to the LA fabric district and opted for shirring around the waist.
Sooo comfy!
Like the fifty-million cardigans I own, this too will not be the only Staple Dress I'll own. As a matter fact, I have just finished Staple Dress #2 yesterday and I'll be posting it as soon as I can get a pic.
So if you're in the market for a great "staple" to add to your wardrobe, this is one to make. Hop on over to Go Make Shit and see more fabulous versions. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

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