Friday, February 10, 2012

0 all in one

Today we are going to sew a scarf, a bolero and a shawl. 3?!  THREE pieces, you say? 
Oh, no my dears! Just ONE
This one does it all.
 The moment saw this, I knew I had to share with you.
So let's get sewin'!
-1 yard of (54"-60" width) fabric.
*It can be either stretch knit or cotton.
-1/2 yard of (54"-60" width) fabric for the outside and 1/2 yard of (54"-60" width) coordinating fabric for the lining.
-6 buttons.
-1 ft of 1/4" OR thinner elastic for the loops.

First thing you will need to do is measure to the desired length. Ideally, you will want the shawl to extend past the elbow about 2", end to end. 
Next, you will need to measure for the width of the shawl. The book calls for a 16" width which worked out fine for me.

Once you have the measurements, cut your fabric(s).
As you can it's a very simple design and I love simplicity, but I wanted to add just a bit more it.
***This is completely optional and you can skip this part and move on to the next step. For those who would like to add ruffles, stay with me...
Scarf 1
What you will need to do cut 6 strips of fabric. You will need to double the width of your shawl to determine the length of the strips.
So if your shawl is a 16" width, than the length of your strips should be 32". For the width of the strips, I recommend 1 1/2".
 32" x 1 1/2" should be your dimensions.
Next, take your strips and do a loose stitch down the center of each. I always use two different colors for the gathering stitch. It makes it easier to remove and it serves as guide.
In most cases I would do two rows of a gathering stitch, but for this one, you could get by with one.
Tie a knot on one end of the strip. Grab one of the threads and begin scrunching the fabric down. Gently! You don't want to break the thread... that would not be good.
Repeat to the other remaining 5 strips and set aside.
Take your first ruffle and pin down 2 1/2" from the short edge of your fabric. Sew into place, down the center of the ruffle, using the gathering stitch as your guide. 
Take your second ruffle and pin down 1 1/2" from the first ruffle. Sew into place. Repeat for the third ruffle.
Once all the ruffles are sewn, remove the gathering stitches and it should look like this.
Repeat these steps for the other three ruffles on the other end of the shawl.
Now your shawl should resemble this.
***Okay, for all of you who didn't want ruffles, come on back!
Grab your elastic and buttons.
Set the buttons aside and grab your elastic.
Cut six 2" strips.
Make loops and sew the elastic on the center of each ruffle and along the very edge of the fabric.
Sew the other three loops on the other end of the shawl, on the opposite side.
And it should look like this.
DON'T sew your buttons on just yet! That will be your last step. Just set them aside.
With your lining and front fabric facing each other, sew 1/2" along the edge, all the way around.
***Leave a 3" opening for you to turn your fabric inside out.
Trim the corners.
Turn inside out.
Iron and topstitch about 1/4" along the edge.
Now add our buttons,
You got yourself a beautiful scarf... shawl... bolero... all-in-one accessory that is sure to please!  

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