Wednesday, November 28, 2012

5 Link Ups: Navy Sweater and Top

 Sometimes I have an entire outfit all laid out in head and other times it's one piece that leads to another. This is the "other" times. The cardigan is the seed and the rest grew from that. 
Cardigan: Old Navy
Top: Pattern V from "Les Couleurs Francaises" Japanese sewing book
Leggings: Drafted pattern
This is a great book.
Easy to follow instructions and what I really like about this book is most of the patterns are in both children's and adults.
Lily Moon had to dance in the back to get Lala to smile. First a cookie... now dancing... what next... a pony?!
I'm linking up over at Kilee's today and Morgan's tomorrow. Come on over and check it out!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

0 Suburbia Soup Tutorials: you made it

Here are a few awesome people with their amazing creations using our tutorials:

Carrie's adorable hoodie scarf for her youngest one.

Churrl incorporated deep pockets to keep her little dinosaur warm.

Minna made teddybear heads using the cookie cutter tute. Check out her fun blog HERE.
Have you made anything using our tutorials? If you have, post them on our Flickr group or shoot me an email. I'd love to see what you've created. Nothing makes me happier than to see what people make using our tutorials... it makes the time and energy creating them all worth it.
C'mon... don't be shy!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

12 Improv Sewing: Cowl Neck Duffle

Happy belated Thanksgiving folks! 
My belly is full and spirits high and I'm particularly excited to share with you my first Improv Sewing project, the cowl neck duffle. 
When Kelley and Rachael posted about their new sewing adventure, I had to take part. The concept is easy... get the book, Improv Sewing, every month they'll pick a project from the book, everyone does it and we all post about our creations. Easy. What I like about this sew along is seeing everyone's interpretation on the same project. 
I wasn't able to participate in the first project, the linen placemats, but when I found out the next project was the cowl neck duffle, I was rarin' to go! At first glance this project can be daunting for some, but after reading the instructions and how it's broken down, it's actually not scary at all. It was really simple... so simple that I whipped this baby up Thanksgiving morning in between baking.
No joke.
AND Lily Moon got to wear it for dinner.
How cool is that?!
I'm thinking of making one for Lala, Sophie and myself as well in between gift making...
who needs sleep anyway...
SO over rated...
*If you'd like to learn more about this sew along,  click on the button below or on my side bar.

merrily we sew along

Friday, November 23, 2012

0 Black Friday Donuts

No Black Friday shopping for us.
Just sleeping in and baking these lovely little gems.
When Carla posted a list of 8 yummy recipes for breakfast, I had to try these beauties. I've never baked donuts before and let me tell ya...
these are the moistest, deliciously flavorful treats I have ever tried.
 Seriously ridiculous.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

11 My Anthropologie Owl Jar

Do I have this one?
I wish.
I've seen them in the shop and I absolutely adore them... all of them. They have such a distinct personality, each one of them, but the price...
If I had the extra moolah, I so would. Luckily working part time at a ceramic shop has its perks.
Say hello to my little friend!
We only had four of these beauties in the shop over the summer and I had to have one. It's a pretty big jar and so it sat atop our piano all color. No life.
I had no clue what I wanted to do with this guy.
One day I had a fit. A terrible fit. Grumbling to myself... mad at the world... I had to vent and there he was. With his BIG ol' eyes staring at me. I went for it. No real plan.
It took the entire night and part of the next day to finish him and it took that long for me to settle down and be okay. Sometimes talking doesn't soothe my soul. I need to work with my hands to work on my inner self.
And it feels good.
When I look at him, I am reminded that every dark tunnel there is light at the end. That makes me smile.
Now I'm itchin' to bake!

Friday, November 9, 2012

6 Mugs 2&3 Done

I did say I would only make these for the fellas in the family for Christmas...
I should've known better.
I had a hard time finishing Mug #2, figuring out the style of hat and what kind of graphic could I use to describe her personality. It was only when she mentioned how she likes peacock feathers that I could finally finish it.
Ah... Mug#3...
I had fun with this one. He's a banker and yes ladies... he is single! This is my nephew... good looking, ay? Yup... it's in the genes. HA! I thought it would be fun to add a pipe and a bowler hat.
He's a watch man. Ugh... what a pain to paint a watch though. I think I could've done a better job, but this will do. I know-I know.. I'm my worst critic.
Okay, so as I said earlier I was going to make mugs for the fellas, but now there's a change of plans. So what was going to be only about 9 mugs has now just about doubled.
Have I lost my mind?! I'm a gluten for punishment. Seriously. So here's to late nights of painting, sewing, baking and decorating... 
it's gonna be a great Christmas!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

22 Raglan Remix and Linen Dress Link Up

I'm pretty jazzed about this outfit.
My inspiration for the dress was a skirt Karen had made. Without sacrificing the graphics of the fabric, she used the selvedge edge as the hem of her skirt.
Brilliant. Just brilliant.
For the top, I actually saw this picture(above) on the KCWC Community Board on Pinterest a while back. If there was one in my size, I'd sooo have it.
For the top, I altered my raglan tee pattern that I made from Jess' Raglan Tee Tutorial. The main fabric is organic french terry knit. Okay... can I just tell you how delicious this fabric is? It's sooo soft, like you've had it for years. My only gripe is I wish I bought more.
Fall here is a mix bag. One day it can be cold, the next hot, wet then dry... you get the picture. So it's always wise to dress in layers. 
The dress is a simple pattern I made using Lala's camisole. See the bottom edge on the skirt? For the fabric, I used linen. You can still wear linen in the fall right? Eeesh... I just don't want the fashion police after my child. *wink*
Today is Lala's special day... she turns 2 today.
My baby turns 2!
I'll see you at One Little Momma's and Mama Loves Papa link up...
Have a fabulous Wednesday friends!


Monday, November 5, 2012

4 Halloween Recap and a little GIVEAWAY

I'm late... I know.
Halloween was sneaky this year. It crept in and left before I could fully embrace the spirit. I normally do a Halloween craft countdown, but this year time was not my friend.
That's no fun!
And I have two new crafts, but I think I'll save it for next year.
When I saw Cherie's Totoro costume for Yuki, I just about died. I knew Lala had to be one too. For the body, I used Simplicity pattern 0861. The hat and tail I used my own pattern. Cherie had some great tips for the leaf and whiskers. I did have whiskers, but Lala was not having it, so off they went. *grumble* The leaf, I slightly altered, using felt.
She's ready for a night of mischievous trickery and ghoulish delights!
Sophie went as an equestrienne and can anyone guess who Lily Moon is?
Oooo... let's play a little game...
the first to figure out who she is, I'll give you a free apron pattern of your choice!
***I'll keep this game open until someone figures it out.***
Congratulations to Marian who guessed The Aquabats for Lily Moon's costume!!!
Marian... you are "SUPER RAD"!
Here's to another year of spooks and fun...

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