Saturday, September 29, 2012

9 one mug down

Mr.'s mug is done!
Not bad if I do say so myself. *pat on back*
It was a relatively easy project and it went quickly. Of course I'm blind now, but it was worth the effort.
 Wanna know a secret?
Here's a trick you can do if you ever plan on painting a mug for yourself.
First, you'll want to have a mug shot and decide what kind of "look" you'd want.
Hmmm... let's see...
perhaps this jolly chap?
Oooo... how about a lumber jack?
 Uh... Jeff Goldblum?!
Ahhh yes. This is it!
Now that you figured out what picture you want to use, let's move on...
So what you'll need is a ceramic piece (correct term is "bisque" when it has only been through it's first firing... no... not soup), gift tissue paper, pencil, tape and a fine tip sharpie.
Next, take your tissue paper and place on top of picture and trace with pencil. Then take your tissue paper and place it onto your bisque and tape in place. Finally, use the sharpie and go over what you traced with pencil. The ink will bleed onto the bisque and ready for you to paint.
Don't fret my pretties... the ink will burn off during the firing. You won't see any of that when it's done firing.
Easy right?
I was originally thinking of making this for everyone in my family for Christmas, but that would be 27. 27!!! Yikes! Instead I decided to do it for the gents in the family. So let's see...
1... 2...
10. About 10.
So one mug down!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

0 Techie Tuesday

Hello to the both of you still reading my posts.  It has been quite a while since the last "techie tuesday" and for that I do apologize.  Anyone with kids, a wife, a job and a dog knows there is little time for yourself.  

That said I did receive the quadcopter parts and there they sat for a good month before I was able to assemble it.  During assembly I realized I did not have a charge cable for this particular batt. connector (XT60) so then I had to order and wait for the man in the rowboat to make his way from Hong Kong.  During this time I finally was able to perform a basic setup of the ESC's and flight controller to where it would hover.  Then the batt. died and further tweaking would have to wait.  Last week the charge cable arrived and the breaking began.  This is a bad habit of mine.  So now it sits in the garage looking pitiful, licking its wounds.  I'm starting to question the durability of the molded arms which has spurred me to search for a better solution.  

(Sorry no pics of the build and crash at this time...I'll have some in the next post)

My search yielded several desirable frames all of which are serious (read quality) dedicated FPV rigs.  

HoverThings HT-FPV

QAV500 FPV Quadcopter Frame v1.1

fpvmanuals QAV500 FPV Quadcopter Frame v1.1
Quadrixette 40 
eyefly Quadrixette 40
Team Black Sheep TBS Discovery
FrankenQuad Zombie v2

FrankenQuad Plankenstein

 I have made a decision as to which frame will fill the role of FPV master of the spy sky which I will reveal in next week's post. 

 I will post next really I will.  

Stay tuned


0 SALE in shop

I have few pincushions left and I wanna see 'em go to good homes.
The holidays are coming... these are perfect little gifts for that special crafter.
Check 'em out HERE.

PS, I'm offering FREE shipping on domestic shipping on everything! Make sure to enter code: SubSoupShip. HURRY! This offer ends October 2nd! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

0 Doin' the turkey dub step

This one makes me laugh every time I watch.  I love the movement of the turkeys in conjunction with the sound.  The sounds are funny as well.

Monday, September 17, 2012

0 other than sewing

I got Christmas gifts on my brain. 
Yes, Christmas.
I have, oh about 27 peeps on my list every year and we all do handmade. So this year I was thinking of doing mugs for the gents. I'm starting with Mr. as a sort "trial run" on my idea.
 What do you think?
I want to do a custom mug of the fellows' faces with an 1800s twist, all dressed with a fashionable stache of course. OH... by the way... now that MR. has seen himself with a stache, he's now contemplating of growing one. I've seen a few young men around town sporting the handle bar look and it's actually, quite attractive in a bizarre kind of way.
But Mr.?
Hmmm... looks good on ceramic, but real life???

Here's the backside.
It's nice to step away from sewing for a bit. Although I have TONS to do, I need a break from it.
I'll get back to it tomorrow.
For today...
I'll paint.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

0 Amish bike

We watched the premiere of Breaking Amish and after seeing the Bishop's wife scootin' along in this baby,

Check out this lovely beauty over here.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012

0 fig butter

Yummy, delicious figs.
Fresh, sweet, smooth adriatic figs straight from my in-laws' neighbors' backyard. I've never had fresh figs before. Does Fig Newtons count? HA! Probably not. So when I had the opportunity to try these little jewels, it was a real treat!
The neighbors are on vacation and my in laws are house sitting. There is sooo much fruit, we can only eat so much of it and it would be a sin to let it go to waste. So what do I do when life gives me figs?
I make fig butter.
After some researching and a failed attempt. I finally found the perfect recipe for fig butter.
Tracy from Our Simple Life blog has this wonderful recipe and I tell ya...
this is one recipe I will keep FOREVER. Like all good things, this will take time... about 6-8 hours. You will need a crockpot to slow cook your butter and as much as I want tell you the recipe, I think it's best for the chef, herself to share her treasure.
I made mine over night. Waking up Sunday morning to the glorious smell was heavenly. 3 thumbs up from Mr., Sophie and Lily Moon. As for Stella? 
She gives it a wink.

Friday, September 7, 2012

2 WANTED: pattern testers... UPDATE

I just finished creating my latest pattern to sell... the Miss Molly Apron, but before she's in the shop, I have some crafty mamas to test her out.
Hurry... I only need a few ladies and it's already fillin' up, so shoot me an email and I'll get you started. Thank you ladies for signing up to help!
I revised the Miss Jenny Apron pattern for an even better fit. So if you had purchased this beauty in the past (and I know who you are), shoot me an email and I'll send you the new pattern... FREE of charge!
I (finally) created a Flickr Group where you can share your creations from our patterns or tutorials. So please join and share. I'd love to see your awesome creations!!!
I'm off to do my chores...
Have a fabulous weekend!
P.S. The pattern will available in my new shop this fall!

Monday, September 3, 2012

10 Lala's Latt chairs

I found this wonderful tutorial from One More Mushroom via Ikea Hackers and thought I'd give it a go.
The only thing I did was use hot glue at the ends on the legs and intermittently throughout, just to be on the safe side. By the time I got to the third leg of the first chair, I finally figured out a cleaner way to hide the knots (unlike the middle photo). So-so easy to do, even Mr. and Lily Moon joined in.

Okay... so here's Mr. in my dreams...
aaaand here's when I wake.
I married the guy.
 I didn't finish the second one and I'm thinking of leaving it as is. Hmmm... what do you think?
Finish or not to finish?
Overall an easy weekend project and inexpensive (Latt table and chair set: $20 and 4 skeins of yarn:$12). So for about $32, I get super stylish kiddo furniture and one happy kid.
the Latt table...

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