Friday, February 10, 2012

2 Maternity Dress

Tutorial looks familiar? A few of my favorite tutorials has made the move from Happy Find and is now residing here. Enjoy!

Hello sweets!
It's here! The long awaited... highly anticipated...tutorial
Maternity dress collage
It took a while. I was having "technical difficulties" with my computer (you naughty noo-noo), but it's done now and I'm so-so happy to finally share this with you. Now, I am no sewing magician guru, nor am I a pattern maker wiz, but I did my best and I hope you find it easy to follow. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I am more than happy to help!
Maternity dress_3
Happy sewing!


  1. I LOVE this maternity dress! I'm trying to make one for my cousin who lives in the tropics and can only wear 100% cotton. I stumbled across your tutorial and am going to make this one for her because it's one of the few that looks like it will work with quilting cotton. But my question is this. Is there any way to get the pdf for the bodice without paying for a subscription to Scribd? If not, I'll do the best I can at recreating it! At any rate, thank you for posting the tutorial and the great pictures. Let me know. thanks! kristen

  2. I love this dress. I got the tutorial yesterday. I'm trying to figure out how wide to go for a growing belly. Also how wide is the band on the bottom I love the look of that. I hope my questions are understandable.


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