Wednesday, May 22, 2013

32 Harem-Sareoul-MC Hammer "You Call It" Pant Pattern {Basic/Nautical Version}

Alrighty... are you ready for more versions of these cool pants?
Oh yeah, baby!
You know you want it... especially when it's
This pattern includes the nautical version with oversized pockets, perfect to stash every little thing a sailor could need (including mushy string cheese from lunch). Here's a few more views of this design in a previous post HERE and HERE.
If the seas make you queasy, you can always go basic. Basic is really just the name of the pant. Nothin' basic as far as style is concerned!
Can't decide which one to make? That's easy...
make a 2 in 1!
From sailing the seven seas to keeping it simple to rockin' it out, one thing's for sure... your kid's got style.
The fashion police has nothin' on you!
So go HERE for the PDF pattern and instructions and get sewin'!
DON'T FORGET to post your pants HERE and leave me a comment. I love reading comments (I ain't gonna lie), it beats talking to myself.

Monday, May 20, 2013

44 Harem-Sareoul-MC Hammer "You Call It" Pants Pattern {pocket version}

It's here!!!
Hot off the press, the "You Call It" pants, pocket version PDF pattern with instructions. I had orginaly planned on doing a tutorial, but it would've been suuuper long so to save everybody from long post syndrome, I decided to create a PDF. Just click it, print it and sew it.
Now a lot of time and love went into creating this, so please... 
leave a comment and tell me what you think, follow this blog and share your photos HERE. I would really love to see what you make! 
Share the love folks!
So without further adieu, go HERE for the pant pattern. If this version doesn't tickle your fancy, I have one more to share with you...
Keep your eyes peeled for the nautical and basic version. I should have this by the end of the week.
Happy sewing!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

12 No slackin' here

I have been MIA, but with good reason. See? I just spent part of last week and this week drafting, digitizing, revising and just about every other "-ing" you could possibly think of when creating a pattern. It's a lot of work... no joke!
Can you see what pattern it is?
Allow me to refresh your memory...
Yes, the Harem-Sareoul-MC Hammer pants or as I like to refer as, the "You Call It" Pants. You can see more of the pants HERE and HERE. There will three variations of this pant with pattern sizes from 18mos-4T and is recommended for woven fabrics. The pattern part is done and the instructions are next. Did I tell you it's a lot of work?
So bare with me... it'll be worth the wait!

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