Thursday, March 1, 2012

9 wrap dress #01, A Rocky Balboa Moment

Pattern: Vogue 7748 (vintage)
Fabric: Lotta Jansdotter Echo Collection

I have been trying to find the right wrap dress pattern and I finally found it. After doing some research and fiddling with various patterns, modifying here and tweaking there, I almost gave up. I think I sprouted new grey hairs, have a new bald spot from excessive pulling and grunted a few "unfavorable" words. 

It almost beat me...

Then I found Karen's pics from Flickr. The angels sang and a ray of light casted down... THERE! There it is! The perfect wrap dress! Karen from Make Something hosted a sewing class at her shop on how to make a wrap dress a few years back.
***BIG sigh of relief***
I quickly emailed her asking for any tips or details and the pattern they used was the Vogue pattern #7748.

They did a little tweaking of the pattern, but the gal who emailed me back couldn't exactly give details for it was some time back. So after careful examination of the pics on Flickr, I did it
It was a Rocky Balboa moment for me.
There really wasn't too much tweaking to do. I shortened the top so it hit right at my waist, I added long ties as oppose to using hooks and ditched the belt, I slightly opened the armholes (it was a bit too comfy for my buff arms) and I used bias tape along the edges. That was it! 
Not bad, ay? ***wink and an elbow*** Tee-hee... it's so funny I look so serious. In my head, I'm thinking, "suck it in girl! Oh yah... uh-huh... I'm cool..."
HA! Nothing can be further from the truth.
my Rocky Balboa moment


  1. I love it!! The fabric is really cute :)

  2. Awesome! There is a Lotta Jansdotter flickr group, you should get posting! I may have to make a wrap dress now...

    1. Casey: Thanks! I LOVE this fabric collection...

      Kelley: Cool! I'll bee headin' over to Flickr, thanks! YES! Make one...maybe two...

  3. I love this dress so much. Your fabric choice is fantastic. I want to make this dress stat!

  4. Can you tell me where you purchased your pattern? I love your version and the second dress as well! I've searched the internet and can't find this vintage vogue pattern in a size 6 anywhere! Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Pauliock!
      I purchased the pattern through Ebay. I was very lucky to find my size. It's slim pickin's for this particular pattern. Shoot me an email and perhaps I can help you some more... :)

  5. I love it!!! Great job Venus!!

    1. Thank you, Paloma! I can so see you in this dress...


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