Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2 APP time

Hi boys and girls!  Lily Moon here and I want to share with you a couple of my favorite apps.  If you have an iPod or iPhone or even an iPad, then let me introduce you to:
Toca Boca Kitchen

Don't be fooled by kiddish looks, it's actually quite entertaining!  How you play is you pick a customer first (there are 4 different characters), then you pick a food item from the fridge, next you can decide how to prepare your food and finally, you feed it to your customer.  Sometime they'll eat it, sometimes they give you a funny look!

Choose your character.
Prepare the food.
You can get this app here.   I give this a 4 star rating!
The next app I want to share with you is Toca Boca Hair Salon.

I think this one is my favorite of the two!
Here are some of my hairstyles:

Funny huh?!
Get the app here.  I give this app 5 stars!!
The cool thing about this app is that it's free!  If you don't have your own iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you can always ask your parents to put this app on theirs!
Bye for now!

4 Lala dress #01

As crazy as life gets with all of the chaos of moving/packing and surviving from day to day chores, I have to make time for myself and sew. It's my therapy... my crack.
And so look at this cutie! The dress I mean (tee-hee). Easy and quick!

P.S. who needs sleep?!

0 making the big leap 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

2 A brief look inside my world

Hello, my name is Sophia, I'm 14 and I have a HUGE (and still growing) love and passion for anime. Anime is basically Japanese cartoons and the style of drawing. Some really popular ones are Naruto, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and (probably THE most famous) Dragon Ball Z. 
Sailor Moon via mangamarket
I've always watched it ever since I was little (I mean LITTLE). Ever since then, I've always loved it, watched it, and drawn it!!
Naruto via girlsandanimation
I've gotten to love it to the point where I'm actually writing (and drawing) a manga (Japanese comic book consisting with the anime style of art) of my own! It's called, The Summer I Met My Psycho Family. It's about this girl who (reluctantly) travels to Chicago and meets her relatives for the first time. Little does she know that her family members are horror films' most infamous killers known to society who ALSO turn out to form their own gang together! Then, she learns dark secrets about her family that go WAAAAAAAAAAY back (I mean all the way back to the beginning of the Black Plague) which affects her. So, she has to quickly save the world from a girl who's trying to kill her and her family, learn how to fight, travel all over the U.S and SURVIVE from the police, monsters, and demons..... ALL WITHIN A SUMMER BREAK (it's six weeks for her and hence the title name). 
Pokemon via free-press-release
I thought of and wanted to do this for multiple reasons.
1. I love drawing (I think when I grow old, I'll still have a love for drawing)
2. The situation and story line was just too interesting to forget (the whole relative thing came from an inside joke)
3. I WANT to become an manga author, illustrator, and animator for anime when I grow up. 

Dragonball Z via internet
I want to publish my work online and once I do, I hope people will enjoy it!
...OH man I better start cracking on this!

((Quickly starts drawing))
Well, I better go back to the drawing board, See YA!
 ((Waves goodbye))

Sunday, February 26, 2012

4 family vacation

In a couple of weeks we're headin' out on a much needed vacation.
"Hey, but you just moved in..."
Yes, yes I know. 
Crazy hectic with the new blog, new home and now a vacation. Sheesh... tough I tell ya, but we have to go. This vacation is quite special-a MUST do if you will. Y'see it's my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, my dad's 75th birthday, my sister's 50th birthday and Mr.'s 40th birthday. Needless to say...
We have a lot of celebrating to do.
Philippines trip 2007
So we're heading out to the Philippines! Our last visit was in 2007. The girls were much younger then and it'll be Lala's first. I'm quite anxious about the flight... 16 hours... ONEWAY.
Did I mention ONEWAY?
Pray for me.
Once we land, then we'll be on vacation.
200 year old family mango tree
My parents have a farm on Guimaras (Gim-mah-rahs) or "gimme rice" as my bro-in-law calls it. They have a small mango orchard along will a rice field. Oh man, you haven't had rice until you had this. I'm hoping to make some mango jam to bring back, but I'll be lucky if I can get it past customs. It'll be my first time making it so any suggestions would be helpful!
 tell ya what... if you can share with me any mango recipes or tips, if I can sneak some back, I'll send you some. Deal?
10 more 3' baskets full of mangoes not shown
So while I'm gone, I would love to have you over to kinda watch over things... y'know "blogsit". I will be over the moon to have you guest post. Just shoot me an email. I'll even bring you back some goodies!

gone fishin' 2007

Maybe not fish, but it'll  be good for sure! I wish I had more pictures to show you from our last visit, but Mr. found this video on YouTube.
Yyyah... welcome to the Philippines!

Before we leave, I have some stuff to show you, just come on back... I'll be here waitin' for you....

Friday, February 24, 2012

0 Leap With Us!

via Flickr

February 29th is Leap Day and I wanna see you JUMP! I will be posting pictures here and taking part on Flickr Leap 2012. So take pics of you, your family, your pets, friends, neighbors, whoever making the big leap and send 'em my way (via email). I'd love to post it and share with rest of the neighborhood.
Also, don't forget to post your pics at Flickr as well. It'll be a blast to see you in motion! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

5 Pardon the mess

Pardon the mess.
We're still movin', both home and blogland. So help yourself around, watch yer step and we'll be back real soon!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

2 Calzombie

***Tutorial looks familiar? A few of my favorite tutorials has made the move from Happy Find and is now residing here. Enjoy!***

Spooky fun

Are you ready for a treat?
How about a calzone cal-zombie to sink your teeth into? Oh my tummy is rumblin' just thinking about it!
So don your aprons my little pets and let's get cooking...
-pizza crust dough
-shredded cheese
-pizza sauce
-green & black olives
-diced red onions (optional)
-diced green bell peppers (optional)
-any other fillings you fancy
-egg white (from 1 egg)
-cardboard cut-out of zombie head (not shown)
-rolling pin
-cookie sheet
-PAM spray
-basting brush
-empty stomachs
Set oven to 400 degrees.
Okie-dokie, so start by tracing out a zombie head on a piece of cardboard and cut out. Set aside.
Rollout pizza dough, nice and thin... the thinner-the better!
Then take your template and start carving out zombie heads with your knife.
Spray your cookie sheet with PAM and place a zombie head in sheet.
Now pile on the goodies! Don't be afraid... 
PILE.IT.ON!!! You wanna stuff this baby!
Take another zombie head cut out and place on top. With your index finger, gently push down along the edge to bind the dough pieces together.
Then take your basting brush, dip it into the egg whites and "wash" the top of the calzone cal-zombie.
With the pepperonis and olives (or any other veggies you'd like), start making the face. The spookier-the better! Once you are happy with your zombie, using your knife, make two slits for the nose (this will help ventilate the inside).
Now before you bake them, make sure to spear the eyes in place with toothpicks. If you don't, your zombies will come out blind. The pepperoni and olives has a tendency of popping off during baking.
Place in oven and bake for 14 minutes (time may vary) or until face is a nice light golden brown.
WARNING: Cheese may ooze out of Zombie's noses giving them a snotty appearence and this snot, you'll want to eat!
Remove from the oven, let it cool for a couple of minutes and DIG IN!!!
Who knew zombies could taste sooo good?
Bon apetit!

2 Christmas Card Alternative

Tutorial looks familiar? A few of my favorite tutorials has made the move from Happy Find and is now residing here. Enjoy!

 Back in December 2009, I wanted to send something other than a card. I saw these beautiful poem spools from Felt at Home and fell in love. I wanted to make something that is a fusion of a card and ornament and came up with this.

Here's a fun little twist to give to friends and love ones this holiday!
-small wooden spools
-round wooden balls or finials
-extra small screw eyes
-ribbons & lace
-a message printed on paper
-hot glue
-sewing machine
-acrylic paints & paintbrushes
-varnish for acrylic paints
Take your finial or round ball and paint a skin tone all over.



Once the paint dries, using a pencil and very lightly, draw the face.

 Using a very fine paintbrush, paint the face.

   Oh hello, little lady!

Paint the hair.

 Wait for the paint to completely dry. 

 Grab a screw eye... 

Slowly and firmly twist the screw eye to the top of the head.

 Top and center.

You can use the handle of a paintbrush to twist the screw.

 Once screwed in, it should look like this.

Take you varnish and do a light layer all over the head. Let it dry.

 When the varnish is dry, it will give a nice sheen to your doll head.

Grab your spool and glue gun...

 and put a thin strip of glue around the top of the spool. This will bind the head and the spool together.

It should look like this.
My dear... you'll catch a cold! let's dress you up!

Christmas ornament 1 
To make a collar or scarf for her...

take a piece of lace or any other trim you fancy and cut 2 1/2" in length.

 Glue the lace along the neckline (where the spool and the head meets) all the way around.

Christmas ornament 2 
 To make the "skirt", your ribbon should fit the spool accordingly. So if your spool is 1/2" in height, than your ribbon should be 1/2" in height as well. So in this case, I am using a 1/2" ribbon.

Cut 6 1/2" of the ribbon (again, the length depends on the size of your spool). This will give enough length to wrap around the spool and for a message.
        Fold in 1/4" at one end of the ribbon and glue. Set aside

On a 1/3" x 4" strip of paper, either type or handwrite your message. Make sure to leave space all along the edge for you to sew the paper onto the ribbon.
***You could use scrapbook paper instead of ribbon with your message printed on it. This eliminates a step, but I like to torture myself and add extra steps.***

Take your message and place it on the backside of the ribbon, butt against the fold.

Set your sewing machine to the smallest straight stitch and sew along the edge of the paper.

It should look like this.

Christmas ornament 4 
 Now you will need to adhere the ribbon to the spool. With the raw edge of the ribbon, glue the ribbon to the backside of the spool. Continue to glue the ribbon to the spool until you reach the message. The message should be on the inside of the ribbon (or backside if you will) and wrap clockwise.

Set aside.

Christmas ornament 3 
 Cut 12" of thin ribbon. This will keep your message from unraveling.

Hand stitch the thin ribbon to the end of the "message" ribbon.

Take an extra piece of thin ribbon and glue it to the inside edge of the message ribbon. This will give a finished look and hide the stitch. I didn't do a good job hiding it. Sorry! 

Christmas ornament 5 

Continue to wrap and glue the ribbon all the way around. Cut the end.

It should look like this. The backside...

the frontside.

Cut 6" of thin ribbon, loop it through the hook and knot it.

Wrap your message around the spool and with the thin ribbon, wrap and tie shut...

Chrisstmas ornament 6 

A pretty-pretty ornament to adorn the tree!



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