Sunday, February 26, 2012

4 family vacation

In a couple of weeks we're headin' out on a much needed vacation.
"Hey, but you just moved in..."
Yes, yes I know. 
Crazy hectic with the new blog, new home and now a vacation. Sheesh... tough I tell ya, but we have to go. This vacation is quite special-a MUST do if you will. Y'see it's my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, my dad's 75th birthday, my sister's 50th birthday and Mr.'s 40th birthday. Needless to say...
We have a lot of celebrating to do.
Philippines trip 2007
So we're heading out to the Philippines! Our last visit was in 2007. The girls were much younger then and it'll be Lala's first. I'm quite anxious about the flight... 16 hours... ONEWAY.
Did I mention ONEWAY?
Pray for me.
Once we land, then we'll be on vacation.
200 year old family mango tree
My parents have a farm on Guimaras (Gim-mah-rahs) or "gimme rice" as my bro-in-law calls it. They have a small mango orchard along will a rice field. Oh man, you haven't had rice until you had this. I'm hoping to make some mango jam to bring back, but I'll be lucky if I can get it past customs. It'll be my first time making it so any suggestions would be helpful!
 tell ya what... if you can share with me any mango recipes or tips, if I can sneak some back, I'll send you some. Deal?
10 more 3' baskets full of mangoes not shown
So while I'm gone, I would love to have you over to kinda watch over things... y'know "blogsit". I will be over the moon to have you guest post. Just shoot me an email. I'll even bring you back some goodies!

gone fishin' 2007

Maybe not fish, but it'll  be good for sure! I wish I had more pictures to show you from our last visit, but Mr. found this video on YouTube.
Yyyah... welcome to the Philippines!

Before we leave, I have some stuff to show you, just come on back... I'll be here waitin' for you....


  1. can you bring me back fresh mangos and a tan?

  2. If you can fit in my suitcase-you can come!!! ;)

    OOOH! Did I forget to mention that we need to find that traffic cop?
    WE NEED TO!!!(wherever he is...)

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