Saturday, February 11, 2012

3 Schoolhouse Tunic Revised

Tutorial looks familiar? A few of my favorite tutorials has made the move from Happy Find and is now residing here. Enjoy!

I beleive you have seen this
It's Meg's patternn The Schoolhouse Tunic. Another of my favorite patterns. So far I've made 2... no wait... scratch that... I've made 3.
Yes 3.
Here's my latest...
Revised schoolhouse tunic
Do you notice anything different?
Yes, yes... the sleeves! I combined the sleeves from Sylish Dress book, dress F with the tunic. Oh, I love it so!
  Schoolhouse revision
It's made of voile. Lovely fabric...
Oh, and I added some ties to the waist to give a more custom fit and shape.
New schoolhouse tunic 1
So with gray tights and boots, I'm ready to walk the runway!
Or at least back inside my house.


  1. Awesome! When we lived in Okinawa I picked up the Stylish Dress Book and I am in love with the simplistic, yet stylish Japanese way of making clothes :D Great fabric choice as well!


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