Friday, February 10, 2012

2 Mobile

It's nap time and I have a moment to spare...
I had actually made this mobile before little LaLa (AKA: Stella) was born. I was waiting for the perfect photo opportunity.
Awww... sleepy-sleep...
I've thought about buying a mobile. There's so many cute and wonderful mobiles out there, but with a limited budget, I decided to make my own.
Here's a quick tutorial...
-felt balls of different colors and sizes
-lovely doilies (purchased here)
-stiffener (to stiffen the doilies so it would hang nicer)
-the outside hoop of an embroidery hoop
-various colors of embroidery thread
-glass beads (not shown)
-hot glue (not shown)
-twine to hang the mobile
-ribbon trim
-24 gauge soft jewelry wire (not shown)
-jewelry crimps (optional). You can just tie a knot.
First, following the directions on back of the fabric stiffener, I stiffened several doilies. It took a couple of days and several coats of stiffener to get to the desired stiffness. I then wrapped wire around the hoop, kris-crossing each strand (shown in first photo).
Here, I created a hook on the button using some wire and hot glued it to the doily. 
On the other side of the doily, I glued a felt ball.
Then I hung each one with a different color embroidery thread at different lengths to the wire on the hoop. I also used the larger felt balls with a glass beads on the ends to hang as well.
Once I was satisfied with the hanging pieces, I glued ribbon around the hoop to cover the wires and used twine to hang from the ceiling.
A special mobile for little LaLa!
Lala's waking up...
gotta go...
see you soon!


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