Wednesday, October 17, 2012

5 What Lala Wore Wednesday (WKWW link-up)

Eeesh... still warm over in our neck of the woods. It's good and bad.
GOOD: Lala still fits into her summer clothes.
BAD: We're not summer peeps.
But since it's Wednesday, I thought I'd share something I sewn earlier in the summer but never got around to sharing.

Fabric: Organic stretch knit from Spoonflower
Designer: Holli Zollinger
The shirt is a pattern from a Japanese pattern book, Simple Design Boys and Girls Clothes. You can get the book HERE.
The top was easy and quick. I particularly like the yoke detail. For the skirt, I just drew up a simple pattern. I loved this outfit so much I had to make another in orange (picture above). You can see these outfits got a lot of use. A bit faded, but the quality of the fabric itself is just awesome. Well worth the price.
Goodness... now if only fall would just get here so Lala can start wearing her new clothes...

I'm headin' over to ONE little Momma to link-up, I'll see you over there!



  1. Its too bad that you know the summer stuff won't still fit next year! I feel ya!
    Thanks for linking up!


  2. So cute! You know that I'm all about grey and yellow combos :-). Lala is adorable!

    1. Thank you Nata! Ah... you can never go wrong with grey and yellow...

      Thanks for visiting!:)


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