Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 A HUGE thank you

Ah the holidays...
It's the beginning of countless nights of take out, mountains of dirty laundry looming in the shadows and the kids at each others throats fighting for the TV remote to watch their show for millionth time. Yes... yes...
It's the beginning of us crazy crafty mamas participating in crazy sewing challenges, stocking inventory in our online shops and making gifts for Christmas. Oh and don't forget about finding creative things to post about on our blogs and WAIT... did I brush my teeth today? But if anyone was to ask us why or would we rather do something else, you know what you'd say...
"i love it"
We are C.R.A.Z.Y.
Say it with me, "CAH-RRR-AY-ZEEE".
So when I asked a few women to help me test my new apron patterns and they agreed, I nearly peed my pants. I was sooo excited. Ladies... you rock.
Seriously, to take the time to read, sew and critique is a lot and I am truly-truly thankful for your services. Who are these ladies? Allow me to introduce to you:
Kelley of Casa Crafty. I met her at one of the KCWC and she is one of the kindest gals and blog friend you could ever have.
Need a fashion redo? Saw a cute Anthropologie shirt and wonder how to make one of your own? Go HERE. Kelley's got cool tutes that'll have you adding more to your projects list.
She makes ah-mazing bags, totes, iPad covers and wallets using yummy laminates. I own a couple of her items and the price and quality is right on. Visit her shop HERE.
Meet Jennifer of Parrish Platz. A San Diegan residing in Germany, Jennifer shares her crafts, talents and life through her blog. One post, she was doing a giveaway and in order to participate you had to answer one question...
"Do you pee in the shower?"
*GASP* The audacity?!
I like her.
OH and she likes zombies... she's a keeper. Check out her blog HERE.
Meet Kirsten of Lovespun Studios. I just met Kirsten and I am diggin' her vibe. We've been corresponding and we (her and I) are working on something really sweet for you. Keep an eye out!!!
Visit her blog HERE.
And check out her Etsy shop HERE. She's got some really sweet items that'll make your teeth hurt.
Now there's a few more beautiful and talented ladies that need to be recognized and I will share with you tomorrow. I didn't want to make this post too long 'cause I can hear the kids yellin' for dinner and I can see you're antsy to get back to craftin'.
Besides... I need to brush my teeth. *wink*
If your wondering where to get my fabulous apron patterns, you can go HERE.

C'mon gals... if you going to craft, you might as well do it style!!!


  1. Venus! You are awesome! Thank you for asking to test your pattern; that's a huge compliment!


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