Sunday, October 14, 2012

12 Pumpkin Hunt 2012

Another year in search for the perfect pumpkins to fill our ghoulish home. Halloween has got to be our favorite family holiday. The mystique is just hauntingly magical.

Every year about this time, we pile into our van and head out to our favorite haunt, Bates Nut Farm.
Sophie and Lily Moon... doe and bear.

Lala looked on with such disappointment and embarrassment... "I hope my friends don't see this", she thought.
"Aaaargh! I can't work with these people! I'm outta here!!!" She screamed.
With pumpkins in tote, it was our que to head on out and eat. Eat what you say?
APPLE PIE!!! My-oh-my!!!

 Brrr! Nice and chilly... a lovely change from the heat back home. Lala got good use of her new coat and hat. She was very much out of character that day... walking around, waving and shouting "HI!" at every stranger that crossed paths. Strange. Not that I'm complaining.

Pumpkins? CHECK.
Bellies full? CHECK.
Time to head back home!
Ahhh... hot homemade chicken soup to end another great pumpkin hunt. 
Get the recipe HERE. Your belly will thank you.
Until next year...


  1. Cute pictures! Lala appears just as addicted to her pacifier as my daughter ;-)

    1. OH my God.... I'm dreading come time to ween her off...

  2. I am loving all these cute hoodies!!!

    That homemade chicken soup looks incredible!

  3. Hi Ashley! You HAVE to try this recipe... it is THAT good! A tutorial is in the works... look out for it! ;)

  4. Your daughters are so beautiful! And those bear hats, to cute. Stopping by from one little momma link up.

  5. Oh Man! I love the look on Lala's face in that last shot! What a cutie!

  6. Did you make the little patchwork jacket, too? Adorable!

    1. Yes. It was hands down the easiest and fastest pattern I've worked with. Thanks!

  7. I giggled at the photo of the three of them with their cute hoodies on. :)

    1. I know... I always have big smile whenever I see that pic. :)


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