Thursday, October 11, 2012

8 Lala's Raglan Dress KCWC pt.4

Sorry folks, work kinda though me off a day and so I'm back with my KCWC piece #4.
This wasn't on my list, but as I was going through my stash, I came across this ol' fabric I bought a little over a year ago in the LA Fabric District. At the time I had bought it for the KCWC spring of 2011 (I believe) and my first attempt with this fabric was an epic fail. It wasn't the fabric, but the pattern I used. Perhaps it was due to Lala's cranium that the neck opening wasn't big enough or sleep deprivation caused me to not process the instructions, WHATEVER the case may be...
I failed.
A dud.
Grumbling a few unfavorable words I tossed the fabric onto my heaping pile of used fabrics never to be seen again, at least until now. 
This time, I used Jess' raglan tee tutorial, which btw is one of my favorite patterns. I've used this several times and every time Lala's tees came out perfect.
The only thing I did differently is I did a little gathering along the front of the neckline, extended the length and did some gathering along the sides. Oh yah, I also made it loose rather than fitted.
So by the time Lala finished her breakfast, watched Yo Gabba Gabba and enjoyed some riffs from Vince Guaraldi, I had the dress done and for her to wear for the rest of the day. *woot-woot*
No cookies today. I just had Lily Moon dance hysterically while I took some shots (pics not drinks... too early).
Well today (Friday) is a special for us... we're going on our annual pumpkin hunt and apple pie gorging in Julian.


  1. Venus, you are amazing! I love everything you've made for KCWC and you are on such an amazing roll! I am super inspired!

  2. Thank you Carla! My gears are spinning on how to make your zipper shirt for my girls...

    I know, every year KCWC just gets better and better. So many yummy things!!!!

  3. Great looking shirt! That fabric is really cool!

  4. This dress is super cute, love it - looks comfortable too

    1. It's soooo comfy. I wish I had enough to make one for myself.

  5. SO adorable (both dress and your daughter's grin:). That fabric is so awesome!

  6. Yah... she can be a ham. The fabric is super soft I wish I bought more.

  7. So, so cute! This is awesome and it makes me want to sew more knits!


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