Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1 A HUGE thank you pt2

I am just besides myself.
If you were to tell me several years back that I was going to create and sell my apron patterns, I would've told you you're nuts. Fear. Fear of someone taking away what I worked so hard on and getting the glory is what held me back. This has happened to me.
Years ago, I was designing and selling jewelry. My bestfriend who is in the media industry, referred me to a high end designer and  so I submitted my portfolio only to be rejected saying I wasn't "haute couture". And would you believe, I saw several of my designs in their following collection. Coincidence? I think not. Ever since then I vowed to never open myself up like that again.
Time past, the blogosphere was born and after meeting some amazing women, I learned that you can't prosper if you don't give.
And you know what?
It feels good.
Here are more incredibly talented women who tested my patterns and created some fabulous aprons if I do say so myself!

Meet Rebecca of Thread For Your Life. She started sewing by making her own aprons and look at what she made! I am just smitten with her choice of fabrics. Perfect for fall... going on a pumpkin hunt... hosting a fall feast... or out about at the farmer's market. Just darling.
Check out her Tumblr HERE.
Meet Tricia (FYI, that's not Tricia above). Okay this woman is fantastically amazing! She didn't just create one apron... oh no! She created an apron in every size! She went above and beyond the call of duty. Who does that?! SHE does.
Meet Cecilia (yes, this her in the photos). In one of our conversations, Cecillia mentioned how she likes to wear "cute" things and these aprons are perfect for the baby boomers as well as 20 year olds today.
Oh my goodness... just look at her in these pics.
Need I say more?
She made the apron on the left for a bride. Woohoo! That's one sexy apron!
Lastly, I want to thank Monica of Button Counter. She'll be sending me pics real soon and when I do, you'll be the first to see! In the mean time you can visit her HERE.
Ladies, I know I've said it a million times and I'll say it a million times more...THANK YOU.
Now you've seen the lovely women who created some awesome aprons from my patterns and now it's YOU turn. Go HERE and make something sweet for yourself.

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