Monday, September 3, 2012

10 Lala's Latt chairs

I found this wonderful tutorial from One More Mushroom via Ikea Hackers and thought I'd give it a go.
The only thing I did was use hot glue at the ends on the legs and intermittently throughout, just to be on the safe side. By the time I got to the third leg of the first chair, I finally figured out a cleaner way to hide the knots (unlike the middle photo). So-so easy to do, even Mr. and Lily Moon joined in.

Okay... so here's Mr. in my dreams...
aaaand here's when I wake.
I married the guy.
 I didn't finish the second one and I'm thinking of leaving it as is. Hmmm... what do you think?
Finish or not to finish?
Overall an easy weekend project and inexpensive (Latt table and chair set: $20 and 4 skeins of yarn:$12). So for about $32, I get super stylish kiddo furniture and one happy kid.
the Latt table...


  1. fabulous!!!!! must find chair and string! right. now. xo

  2. Bahaaha funny post. The chairs look amazing! Nice job V.

    1. Oh my gosh... I couldn't keep a steady hand taking the pics. Hubby kept saying, "Okay, ONE more!". That man has no shame...

      I LOOOVE the chairs. They're quite comfy... I know... I sat on one. *phew* Thank God it didn't break! ;)

  3. Oh.My.God ! This is SO frickin awesome !!!!! I have GOT to make these for my daughter!

  4. What was the cleaner way that you hid the knots?

    1. Hi Amanda, I made sure all my knots were not facing outward and tightly wound the yarn so the knots were somewhat covered. That was really it. Also, using hot glue intermittently really helps hold the yarn in place. I hope this helped! ;)

    2. Thanks! I just received my Latt today and hoping to get started ASAP!


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