Saturday, September 29, 2012

9 one mug down

Mr.'s mug is done!
Not bad if I do say so myself. *pat on back*
It was a relatively easy project and it went quickly. Of course I'm blind now, but it was worth the effort.
 Wanna know a secret?
Here's a trick you can do if you ever plan on painting a mug for yourself.
First, you'll want to have a mug shot and decide what kind of "look" you'd want.
Hmmm... let's see...
perhaps this jolly chap?
Oooo... how about a lumber jack?
 Uh... Jeff Goldblum?!
Ahhh yes. This is it!
Now that you figured out what picture you want to use, let's move on...
So what you'll need is a ceramic piece (correct term is "bisque" when it has only been through it's first firing... no... not soup), gift tissue paper, pencil, tape and a fine tip sharpie.
Next, take your tissue paper and place on top of picture and trace with pencil. Then take your tissue paper and place it onto your bisque and tape in place. Finally, use the sharpie and go over what you traced with pencil. The ink will bleed onto the bisque and ready for you to paint.
Don't fret my pretties... the ink will burn off during the firing. You won't see any of that when it's done firing.
Easy right?
I was originally thinking of making this for everyone in my family for Christmas, but that would be 27. 27!!! Yikes! Instead I decided to do it for the gents in the family. So let's see...
1... 2...
10. About 10.
So one mug down!


  1. that is AWESOME Venus. I love it.

  2. It looks amazing! I wish I were even half as artistic!

    1. You are! Hello... I wish I could crochet like you!

  3. Oh very cool! I found your tutorial, so you can ignore my comment on your other post. I'm still incredibly impressed, though! These are awesome. I may just steal your idea. :)

    1. Thanks! Easy and cool to do and no one has to know our secret! ;) Yes! Please steal... and I'd love to see what you make!

  4. These are mind blowingly awesome! Off to pin!

    1. Thank you Carla! :) Oh my gosh, how awesome it would be to paint you in your flamenco get up!

  5. What are the final steps for this project?


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