Monday, September 17, 2012

0 other than sewing

I got Christmas gifts on my brain. 
Yes, Christmas.
I have, oh about 27 peeps on my list every year and we all do handmade. So this year I was thinking of doing mugs for the gents. I'm starting with Mr. as a sort "trial run" on my idea.
 What do you think?
I want to do a custom mug of the fellows' faces with an 1800s twist, all dressed with a fashionable stache of course. OH... by the way... now that MR. has seen himself with a stache, he's now contemplating of growing one. I've seen a few young men around town sporting the handle bar look and it's actually, quite attractive in a bizarre kind of way.
But Mr.?
Hmmm... looks good on ceramic, but real life???

Here's the backside.
It's nice to step away from sewing for a bit. Although I have TONS to do, I need a break from it.
I'll get back to it tomorrow.
For today...
I'll paint.

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