Saturday, March 3, 2012

0 Hobbyzone Super Cub LP

Friday: Long story short, I got an airplane for an early birthday present.  The idea is to strap a GoPro to it and fly it above the in-law's house in Guimaras.  Should make for some stunning video as they live on the beach.  Ended up purchasing a Hobbyzone Super Cub LP since it can handle the weight of the GoPro.  I always tinkered with RC cars and only recently got into airplanes and helis (currently having fun with a Blade MCX2).

Assembly was EASY but I will spare you the details since this is covered plenty on the interwebs.  I already have a Spektrum DX6i so we bought the BNF version.  This has everything the RTF comes with minus the radio.  I love this plane!  It looks cool and is of decent size.

Fresh out the box and ready to fly, errr CRASH!

Saturday: Headed to the park eager to fly.  I should have listened to my gut because it was telling me "it's way to windy to fly you newby".  Sure as I'm writing this the wind was too much for my skills or lack there of and I nosed into a hill.  Busted the cowl but that was it.  Stupid me gave it a go one more time and nosed it into the grass, HARD.  This time the firewall broke in half leaving the motor dangling by its own wires and the cowl was beyond repair.  

Assessing the damage, chatting with some kids and calling myself an idiot.

 Busted cowl, stilled pissed at myself.

 One half of the firewall and still pissed at myself.

After completely assessing what is still good, bad and or repairable I decided on replacing the fuselage and cowl.  This should bring it back to showroom condition.  The beauty of the Horizon Hobby philosophy is that everything is replaceable and inexpensive so back to Discount Hobby we went.  After moving everything to the new fuselage and adding the new cowl she looked like new again.  

Monday: Back to the park I went but this time the wind was almost dead.  Took off and landed 3 times from the baseball diamond with only a couple of minutes flight time each.  Not bad I thought to myself.  I wasn't feeling like pushing my luck so that was it for the day.  I have to admit I was gun-shy after crashing hard the previous day and the little flight time I had served as a shot that boosted my confidence.  

I'm Audi 5000-

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