Sunday, March 4, 2012

0 the flying club

Last Sunday morning was a little too windy for me to fly so Lily and I decided to stop by a place where every Sunday a group gathers to fly planes.  This "place" is where construction has graded the land and laid down a road but have yet to build anything.  Today we met Carl.  He's an older gentleman who was kind enough to change some setting on my remote and offer some advice.  I will definitely be picking his brain more.  He eve offered to fly my Super Cub and trim it out but I reluctantly declined for fear of further damage.  After watching him bust out some 3D flying a little later I probably should have taken him up in his offer.  I enjoyed watching him and the others fly and Lily took pics which she enjoyed doing as well.  It was great to make contact with more experienced pilots.  I think I will be going back their Sunday mornings and bug'in em.  Below are some pics that Lily took.

 My newly rebuilt Super Cub, of course ;')

 This Zero was awesome and the pilot (who I do not know the name of) was quite skilled.  He had a couple of other war birds with him.

 This is Carl's plane.  After this shot he proceeded to do some 3D flying with it.
This is an Easy Star that was modified with a screaming brushless.  This kid who was probably around 10 years old pointed it vertical and gave it the gas.  It shot like a rocket until I could hardly see it (getting old you know).  This thing was F-A-S-T!!!


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