Thursday, April 11, 2013

4 Covert Robin Part 2... to receive

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I love pressies! Who doesn't?!
Mine arrived the other day and I was so excited. Liz from Fern's Frocks was my Covert Robin and look at her fabulous (NOT 1, but 2) gifts for moi.
*jumping and clapping*
Such a beautiful pillow, no?
Look closer...
Liz hand embroidered parts of the fabric. It's details like this when a person puts the time and love that speaks volumes. You can tell a lot from a person who even in the smallest gesture gives beyond what is expected. I love it Liz...
I truly do.
Lala literally took the pillow out of my hands and claimed it hers. She's a textural kinda girl and this is spot on.
As for gift #2, Liz painted a sweet little owl. Isn't he adorbs?!
She too has an affinity  for owls and she actually painted this along with a few others a while back knowing that one day, it was going to be a gift for someone...
Funny how the universe works.
I introduced him to the others. First it was Earl...
then Yuki...
then Cookie (Cookie thought he was so tiny, she wanted to swallow him up). Before she could grab him, I quickly scooped him up an took him to meet the rest of the gang.
They were all fascinated and very welcoming.
Little owl was a bit overwhelmed and needed rest, after all he travelled quite a ways.
So I found him a nice quiet spot just for him, but he's not entirely alone...
He's got a friend in higher places!
What a fun experience this has been. I met two wonderful women and gained two new friends. Thank you Mary Ann for allowing me to give and thank you Liz for allowing me to receive.
Until the next Covert Robin...


  1. It was a fun swap!! cute pictures!!

  2. Wonderful post! What a fun experience.

  3. Wow, how beautiful -- lucky you! I thought I sort of recognised the fabric, but Liz really transformed it!

  4. The pillow looks so beautiful. Love the intricate embroidery work.


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