Wednesday, April 10, 2013

6 Covert Robin Part 1... to give

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I missed last year's Covert Robin and I most certainly did not want to miss this year's.
Mary Ann was my recipient. I'm not gonna lie, it was a challenge. Mary Ann doesn't have a blog and I don't think she has a Pinterest account either. So stalking was not an option.
I was stumped.
So I thunk... and I thunk some more...
Well she has to be crafty, after all she is participating in the swap. Then it hit me...
Why not a pincushion? EVERY crafty mama needs a pincushion!
 It has been a while since I made my last pincushion and I forgot how fun it was to make them.
In my stash of ceramic bowls, I found my last two-portion dish. I love the scallop detail and the soft aqua color.
What better to compliment the dish than with Tula Pink's Neptune's Caspian Deep Sea collection for Moda? I literary had just enough scrap to make this.
No room for error.
*sweaty armpits*
Sorry... TMI, I know.
As I held the ball of stuffing, it came to me, "Why not add an anchor?".
And did I stop there? Oh no.
I had to add coral. What's a sea without coral?!
Now it's finished.
The coral could be a little message/photo holder or it could even a place to hang your ring(s)on, y'know... whenever you do your hardcore crafting and don't want to ruin your bling.
And here it is, happily resting in its new home and helping Mary Ann in her crafting adventures. This was a fun exchange. It turns out that Mary Ann has three daughters of her own. They're all grown up and her favorite people to hang out with. I asked for any advice she could share with me and she said, "The things that drive you wild in your kids, may serve them quite well as adults".
Makes perfect sense.
I'm so happy I was your Covert Robin, Mary Ann and I can't wait for the next Covert Robin!
Special thanks to Rachael, Kelley and Karen for hosting the exchange!

p.s., I'll be back to share with you my pressie from my Covert Robin, Liz. Oh I'm so excited!!! Come back and check it out!


  1. Ooh, so very very sweet -- lucky Mary Ann!

  2. wonderful! I love your pin cushions!

  3. Venus, you're very creative! I love your idea and all details you made for this mystery gift! I also want your pin cushion, please...please...!! (but it belongs to Mary Ann now :))

  4. sweaty armpits, ha! not tmi for me ;) i will have to get in on this next year as you know i love to make gifts for people. this pin cushion is adorable! maybe you should move to davis so we aren't so far apart.

  5. Fun! Love the colors and your piece of coral.

  6. I love your pincushions! Love the coral and how you wrapped the copper around it. brilliant!!


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