Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 KCWC: mix tape tank

KCWC is in full swing and here's what I made for Lala.

Sometimes it's hard finding the right fabric for that one project and other times you find the fabric but no project. So while I was per-oozing Spoonflower, I found the perfect fabric and the perfect project.
I just love when that happens, don't you?
Because Lala is still a wee one, I got away with using a fat quarter of this awesome mix tape fabric by Penny Candy for Spoonflower.
Rockin' the lace in the back... OH YEAH!
I also added a big ol' sparkly button to the tank top.
You gotta have bling!
Oh my gosh, have you seen all the awesome goods for KCWC? OH.MY.GOD.
My heads gonna explode.

It's a rad Wednesday... get craftin'!!!


  1. OH my GOSH! Venus, you are RAD. What an unbelieably awesome garment. That fabric is cool enough on its own, but to add a lace back and bling. Wowsers!

    1. Thanks Sophie! It's funny cause when I sew the fabric, I instantly knew I wanted to add lace and what's a rockin' top without bling? Gotta have bling... ;)

  2. this is just TOO freaking cute :) love it!

    1. Thank you Rachael! I can totally see your girls wearin' this...

  3. No way! The lace back is killing me! This is awesome!

  4. ms venus i wish i can make something like that...oh you know i also have seen a post like this here elsie and emma made something like this too! y'all have a blessed day (:


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