Sunday, April 1, 2012

4 back from the Philippines pt.1

Kamusta ka?
(How are you?)
Ahhh... back home... it feels good.
We got home late Wednesday night and we're still jet lagged. Slowly gettin' back to the groove of things. I've got a gazillion pics to sort through and share, so rather than bombarding you with oodles of pictures at once, I'm going to break it up in parts.
So here's the first set... enjoy!

LAX to Manila International Airport
This is the oldest Catholic church in my dad's hometown, Miagao (me-yag-ow).
Photo courtesy of my awesomely talented nephew, "Kiwi".

My aunt's vacation home in Lanotan (lah-noo-tahn).

After our visit to the oldest Catholic church in my dad's hometown, we went to my aunt's vacation home. The beach is literally steps from her home.

With clear warm water and black sand, the girls cooled off with a brief dip... and I mean BRIEF. Sophie saw a jellyfish float by her and swim time was quickly over.
What a bummer!

After a few days of rest in the city of IloIlo (ee-loo-ee-loo), it was time to hop on the "RORO" (Ride-on, Ride-off) ferry and head to my parents' farm in Guimaras.

We packed up the truck, rode on the ferry and it was about a 30 minute boat ride across the channel.

Okay, so I'll stop here for now.
Next stop... Guimaras (Gi-mah-rahs)!!!


  1. sooo pretty!!! I look forward to the next set. How was the plane ride??

    1. The plane ride went surprisingly well. Thank God for the iPad and Yo Gabba Gabba... what a lifesaver!

  2. great pics!! can't wait for more :)

  3. i missed the Philippines alot NOW! i am soo blessed to have my hometown Manila oh and by the way my dad is from Romblon province, i love it too enjoy ms venus!


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