Friday, December 7, 2012

4 A Stranger No More

Sometimes all it takes is one email to plant the seed.
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She had sent me an email several weeks ago regarding a dress I had made for Lala. She wanted to make one for her little one and had a few questions how to go about it. Being that time of the year with a gazillion things on my list to do's, I could've easily just answered her questions and went along my way, but that's not who I am.
I blog to not only document my creative endeavors, but to inspire  and BE inspired from others. There are so many wonderful and talented women out there... it's mind blowing, and through the blogosphere, we are able to share and grow. I am a firm believer that you are greeted with fantastic "opportunities" throughout your life be it events or people. It is up to you to welcome it or dismiss it. As children we have no fear of going up to someone and saying, "Hi! Will you be my friend?", and as we grow older we loose that gift.
It's lonely isn't it? I know I'm lonely at times. Staying home most of the time, chasing a toddler all day and having little to no quality time for myself. It's tough. So being here in the blogosphere, it's comforting to see that I'm not alone. It's my "virtual therapy". So when another fellow blogger reaches out and asks for help, I make it a point to reach back. So through emails and a little guidance, Ashley made this beautiful dress in time for Thanksgiving for her little darling.
Isn't she a doll?!? Look at those curls... I would kill for that!
It turns out that Ashley knits. KNITS! *sigh* Some of you know me  and know I can't knit to save my life. It's like my brain goes on retard mode and I'm all thumbs. Seriously.
So when Ashley sent me this gorgeous knitted cowl scarf as a thank you for my help, I was beside myself. When I give, I NEVER think of anything in return. I give because I like to see others happy and when they're happy... I'm happy. It made me teary eyed to think that someone was so grateful of my help to take the time and make something for me. That rarely happens.
This is awesome. I LOOOOOVE it! I will be wearing this A LOT... thank you Ashley!!!
If you're a knitter or want to learn how to knit, I STRONGLY advice you head on over to Ashley's blog. It's wonderful! She's doing a weekly "knit-a-long" and for the next few weeks, she's doing a different versions of the cowl neck scarf. She's fairly new to the blog world and has so much to share. Please-please-please be a kind neighbor, pay her a visit and make sure to say hello. You'll be happy you did.
Have a wonderful weekend folks!


  1. The cowl is lovely! That's such a thoughtful thank you gift :)

  2. the cowl looks so great on you! really, it was the least i could do in exchange for your generosity and patience. i am so fortunate you're not the type to just answer questions, because i too get lonely chasing toddlers around without another adult in sight to converse with. i am so grateful for your kindness as well as your talent that continues to inspire me every time you post. thank you for "reaching back" and becoming a friend--we need those, even if they are virtual. so happy we're no longer strangers :)

  3. I loved your post... and the reminder to reach out and reach back. It is easy to just move along.... but what a blessing when you took the time to help this (no-longer) stranger. My toddler chasing days have long since passed, but I would have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with as you have with Ashley.

  4. Wonderful post Venus:) Love the dress and cowl.


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