Monday, November 5, 2012

4 Halloween Recap and a little GIVEAWAY

I'm late... I know.
Halloween was sneaky this year. It crept in and left before I could fully embrace the spirit. I normally do a Halloween craft countdown, but this year time was not my friend.
That's no fun!
And I have two new crafts, but I think I'll save it for next year.
When I saw Cherie's Totoro costume for Yuki, I just about died. I knew Lala had to be one too. For the body, I used Simplicity pattern 0861. The hat and tail I used my own pattern. Cherie had some great tips for the leaf and whiskers. I did have whiskers, but Lala was not having it, so off they went. *grumble* The leaf, I slightly altered, using felt.
She's ready for a night of mischievous trickery and ghoulish delights!
Sophie went as an equestrienne and can anyone guess who Lily Moon is?
Oooo... let's play a little game...
the first to figure out who she is, I'll give you a free apron pattern of your choice!
***I'll keep this game open until someone figures it out.***
Congratulations to Marian who guessed The Aquabats for Lily Moon's costume!!!
Marian... you are "SUPER RAD"!
Here's to another year of spooks and fun...


  1. I have no idea but that is so cute!! um, owl girl? wow, I am horrible at this :)

  2. The Aquabats were the first live concert I ever went to!!! I don't know of anyone who knows anything about them!! Awesome surprise to see that amazing picture pop up on my reader! Great costume! And now the Pizza Day song is stuck in my head, yay!!

    1. YAHOO! You got it!!!! Man, I didn't think anyone would get it. Congrats and please email me which apron pattern you'd like! Go Aquabats!


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