Sunday, June 23, 2013

11 Wrap Dress in Stretch

are you ready for another outfit for moi?
I'm really late posting about this baby. Really late, like last Thanksgiving late. Is it the lack of proper equipment to take self portraits? Um, yah. Is it insecurities and just feeling, "blah" about self pics? Um, yah. Is it laziness and finding every excuse not do it? Yah and YAH.
I knew some day I had to share this and someday is now.
via Gaia Conceptions on Etsy
Look at this beauty. NO, not the lady! The dress. Yes...
that one. *sigh* I have been eyeing this for a looong time. I had to have it. One way or another, I had to have this dress, but the price... ouch.
What a mood killer.
So after many-MANY days (more like months) of oohing and aahing over the dress. I finally decided to replicate it. See my smile? Yesss... I am most pleased.
Oh, hi there.
This is as sexy as it gets, folks. HA! 
I have a big butt... junk-in-the-trunk... bah-dunk-a-dunk... whatever you wanna call it, and wearing a wrap dress is a great fit to compliment my body type.
I used organic jersey cotton knit and the pattern itself was actually pretty easy to figure out. What's so special about this dress that made me swoon? The versatility and ease of wearing. I got two different ways of wearing it as a dress and one sweet cover-up...
all in one!
Guaranteed, this will NOT be the only one I'll make.
I am one happy woman.


  1. Lovely Venus...Well done on the self pics - you look fab! This dress looks super comfy!

    1. Thank you, Suz! During the colder weather, this was one of my go to staples. I love it so!!!

  2. Lovely! It really suits you!

  3. This is sooo beautiful! (And you are, too!) I want one!! Tutorial?? Pretty please... ;-)

  4. Wrap dresses are everybody's friend I think! Love the dress and such a beautiful color on you too.

    1. Thanks, Sophie! I know, right? I can only imagine how it would look on you... FAB-YOU-LOUS!!!

  5. So pretty - you look great!

    1. Thanks Anna! Such a great design, I think it would look beautiful on just about any body.

  6. It's soooo cute and I LOVE the color! You are SO pretty Venus! This color is perfect on you and the style is very complimentary!


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